SHUGS are a new eyewear brand from Will King, the British entrepreneur behind King of Shaves in partnership with his wife, Tiger Savage. He is best known for successfully challenging the duopoly of Gillette and Wilkinson Sword in the shaving market and offering consumers a genuine quality value alternative.

The journey to launch a new eyewear brand started in 2010 when he was wrongly referred to as the 'King of Shades'; Tiger told him to trademark it, he did and the result was the development and launch of SHUGS - Sunglasses that Hug.

Although it's January 2021 and sun, holidays and hugs are a few months away, if you're looking for a unique pair of British designed and manufactured sunglasses that hug, SHUGS are your choice!  We look forward to shipping our first pairs in March.

Thank you.

Will King & Tiger Savage